Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Current Events" Discussions

Upcoming Discussion Sessions:

·        10am Thursday December 21 at the Northbrook Library

·       7pm Wednesday, January 3 at The Lodge

·        9am Monday January 8 at the North Shore Senior Center 

·        9:30am Wednesday January 17 at the JCC on Revere Drive

With jobs, the economy and stocks booming, why is President Trump's approval rating at a record low 32%? 

Did Black Civil Rights leaders send a better message boycotting Trump's visit to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum...or should they have attended and engaged him?

The President recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital and will move our embassy there. 
 How does this affect chances for Mideast peace? Can we still be considered fair mediators? By not making this move part of any negotiation, what did America receive in return? How does unifying Israel's neighbors against this move affect risks of violence against Israel, American embassies and U.S. travelers in the region? Why did we do this?

What evidence is there that Trump is truly a good negotiator?  Has anything significant been negotiated? With China, is bailing on TPP a net plus for China, with nothing in return? Why get nothing in return for recognizing Jerusalem? With Russia, we got nothing in return for weakening NATO.  Health Care was a bust. Where are the big negotiated wins?

Both Trump and the GOP now fully support Moore, and he appears likely to win. What's the better outcome for Republicans--a Moore win, or a Moore loss?

Time "Person of the Year" are the "Me Too" Silence Breakers.  
Consider the many powerful persons humbled--and more to come. Is this an earth-changing cultural shift with lasting impact? Or something that will pass and we'll go back to "business as usual"?  

Is loyalty to our political "tribe" more important than issues of morality? Are Democrats "clearing house" of their own harassers so they are in better position to fully attack Republicans on this issue and appeal more to women voters? Would such an approach work?  David Brooks: "You don’t help your cause by wrapping your arms around an alleged sexual predator and a patriarchic bigot. You don’t help your cause by putting the pursuit of power above character, by worshiping at the feet of some loutish man or another, by claiming the ends justify any means.

What's the chance that Franken will say that he won't resign if Republicans seat Moore?  

Did the 2016 election "settle" the issue of Trump's sexual harassment, because America knew who he was...and he won? How might this be re-litigated?

Where are the Republican with their Tax Cut plans? Will Trump keep his word and not allow cuts to Medicare and Social Security, should the deficit explode as predicted?

How much "fire" is behind the increased "smoke" with Russia, Trump Jr., Wikileaks?

Republicans and Conservative Media are putting a full court press on Mueller. Will Trump be justified in firing Mueller and stopping his investigation? A released member of his team was a Hillary supporter that help change the statement Comey used to describe Clinton's email-gate actions from "gross negligence" to "increased carelessness" that reduced the risk of Hillary being charged for criminal action.

Is Obama out of line speaking out as much as he does against Trump's policies? Other POTUS have been more reserved with criticism, or haven't spoken out at all. 

Bit Coin: What is Going On???

Are Conservatives right in believing there isn't a "level playing field" and that Trump is being treated unfairly by the Media?  How much does Trump contribute to his own "bad press"?  In what ways does the ABC Brian Ross "serious error" suggest broader slanted reporting by mainstream Media? 

How strong a candidate might a "more decent" Senator Romney be for President? Romney is expected to run and ultimately replace a retiring Sen. Hatch. Trump and Bannon see him as a serious threat to their "outsider" agenda--a strong leader who could "recapture" the Party for the Republican Establishment, and bring decency and "normalcy" back to Washington.

Another delay on the funding vote. If there is a shut-down, which Party will be blamed? Who is holding the better cards? 

Your thoughts about Forrest Claypool's resignation as head of CPS.

Russia banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics.  And U.S. participation in South Korea is not a settled issue, according to U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Your thoughts.

Are you OK devoting millions of acres of national monument land to drilling and digging if it helps our economy?

"I'm not in charge", says our Governor. 
Besides having tons of money, lot of ads, and a willingness to "stand up against Trump", what would a Governor Pritzker bring to the office as an improvement over Governor Rauner?  Is Pritzker an "automatic" win because of $$$?

Is Trump nuts--or crazy with a purpose? If he isn't delusional, how does his crazy statements serve his purposes, and help America? What's going on? 

Why even talk about the Clinton's anymore? What’s the benefit of having a special counsel looking into the Clinton Foundation?  Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about Trump's legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts. Does America care any more about what Hillary has to say? 

What’s the benefit to America for Trump’s attack on the Consumer Protection Agency?

How do you feel about "net neutrality"?

What are the ramifications of Merkel inability to form a new German government?

Is Amazon good for America or is it becoming too powerful?

Your thoughts about Donna Brazile's book, and claims that the Clinton's rigged the nomination?  What is the status of the Democratic Party?

Did Bergdahl receive the right sentence?

Should Congress develop legislation that curtails the Commander in Chief’s unilateral authority to launch nuclear weapons?

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