Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Current Events" Discussions

Upcoming Discussion Sessions:

·        9am Monday February 26 at the North Shore Senior Center 

·        10am Thursday March 1 at the Northbrook Library

·        9:30am Wednesday March 7 at the JCC on Revere Drive

·        7pm Wednesday, March 7 at The Lodge

Your thoughts about the Winter Olympics?

How big a difference are protesting students making in the Guns debate?

How realistic is the idea of arming and training teachers to be a force against violence? What if, as suggested by the President, those willing would be given a pay bonus?

Are Democrats exploiting this mass killing for political gain?  Is that wrong?

A new law in Poland makes it illegal to accuse the nation of being complicit with Nazi crimes like the Holocaust. It also outlaws the phrase “Polish death camps.” Both are punishable by prison sentences of up to three years. Could every Survivor who is still alive and from Poland be prosecuted? (Isn’t this a great move for tourism??)

Is Nationalism in Europe going "viral" and becoming even more anti-Semitic? Iceland could become the first country in Europe to ban male circumcision, prompting criticism from religious groups about the ritual practiced in both Judaism and Islam.  The legislation being debated by Iceland's Parliament would impose a six-year jail term on anyone who "removes part or all of (a child's) sexual organs" for non-medical reasons. It’s supposed to help the child’s “safety”.

Will Netanyahu and Trump announce that Israel is officially annexing the West Bank? If so, would that put an end to any two-state solution? And if so, are we looking at a form of "apartheid"? Or will Israel ultimately become something more like America: diverse, democratic...but not Jewish? 

Would we benefit by having mandatory military/public service for all at 18, as they do in Israel?

Are "cigars and champagne" enough to bring down BiBi? 
How important is the Steele dossier?  Would a discredited dossier prove no Trump wrong-doing, and that the FBI deserves criticism being heaped on it by the administration?  Or is Russian involvement at least as big a deal as attention given Benghazi, regardless if it affected the 2016 outcome? 

Your thoughts about Rauner’s budget proposals...and chances to be reelected?

Will President Trump agree to a Mueller interview? What might be the ramifications if he doesn't?

Is good Economic news really bad news? Great jobs report--even wages are rising. Yet the Market sank on fears of inflation and the promise of more Fed rate hikes.  Will the huge tax cuts now add to worries of an economy heating up too much too quickly? 

What are chances that an Infrastructure Plan can be developed that significantly includes the Private Sector?   

Republicans want to use Pelosi as their focus against the Democrats in November. Good idea? Would focus on Pelosi engage women even more than what's now anticipated?

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase are partnering to create an independent non-profit healthcare company aimed at reining in health-care costs for their 1,000,000 U.S. employees by having greater leverage with providers. Does action like this make a case, indirectly, for "single payer"? Won't this new entity be a form of Medicare?

How much different would the world be today if there were no United Nations?

Your thoughts about Billy Graham?  What about his Antisemitism comments with Nixon?

Is Amazon good for America or is it becoming too powerful?

Sessions says the DOJ will no longer follow Obama's directive to not pursue federal charges where states have authorized recreational marijuana. Your thoughts.

Because he regularly "is less than precise", will America trust our President when he communicates something vital affecting national security? He must know that facts do dispute false claims.  Is this just a small matter?

Your thoughts about the Women's gymnasts' abuser...and Michigan State silence?

How does America's independence from Mid-East oil affect our foreign policy? the administration FOR or AGAINST the "Iran Deal"?

President Trump dismissed his Voter Fraud Commission saying states are not cooperating in providing the details that would prove massive illegal voting. Your thoughts.

Obama's "net neutrality" was killed by the FCC along Party lines. Internet providers no longer need to treat each web site the same.  For example, they can charge us more to provide faster connections to selected premium programming

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