Thursday, March 6, 2014

Important Information About Our Discussions

Important Note from Northbrook Library: Beginning May 1, "Current Events" and "Great Idea" will be back at the library!
Final touches are being taken care of this week, after which the staff will receive tours, instructions in the use of various equipment, etc. We will meet in Pollak Rooms A & B--with a capacity of 90-100 people.

You can bring in covered cups, mugs, etc. with coffee.There will also be vending machines in the lobby area right outside the Pollak Room if you wish to purchase a beverage. The library will not be providing coffee.


At times, during discussions, participants mention an internet article of interest. This page will list such links. Contact Ron Mantegna if you want to suggest a link appropriate to a specific discussion topic.

3/19/15 "Current Events"  During discussion of Race , Mike Hamblet suggested this very informative piece from The Economist on Hispanic population increases in America:

11/20/14 "Current Events" - When we were discussing Immigration, Bill Domm said the following link gives a good, balanced description of what "undocumented person" means.

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